Fatfi Core Product

Core products of Fatfi.io

1. FAT Swap

The AMM pool has become very important crypto primitive in DEFI as a place to not only list and trade tokens, but also to provide price feeds that other projects can build upon. Fatfi will not try to create something new, we want to take advantage of one of the best work in DEFI: Uniswap.

FATswap is a liquidity protocol that uses Fatfi's authentic user interface, with its core liquidity and API calls directly from Uniswap. FATSwap liquidity rewards will follow exactly the same rules of Uniswap: FATswap charges a 0.30% fee on all trades which is added to the reserve pool.

2. Fatfi Algorithm Stable Coin

While several different designs of algorithm stable coins have launched, we believe that the 3 tokens design is the best design out there. It’s proven to be resilient while also having the widest distribution of users. Fatfi Cash is an Algorithm Stable Coin protocol, but in a better version having Governance Token - FAT. Of course, one of the natural questions that many may have is: “Why would someone want to participate in Fatfi, instead of others?”.

With Others Algorithm Stablecoin, Users only earn the profit within the Expansion and Contraction of the protocol, which can easily come to a point that there is no more profit for users because the main goal of a Stable Coin is to stay Stable. Once the Protocol already come to that stage, without any further development of the project, the game is done.

With Fatfi, one can also participate in the Algorithm Stable Coin and earn rewards in the form of FAT tokens. However, unlike others, those FAT tokens will also entitle you to continue to earn a portion of the protocol’s fee, accumulated in FAT, even if you decide to no longer participate in the Algorithm provision.

3. Fatfi Defi Financial Services

A bank with no Financial Services is a Money Game, is not a bank. The main logic behind Algorithm Stable Coin is the logic of the demand and supply, which demonstrates how the governance bank manipulates the money supply. With the development of DEFI, there is already a lot of good DEFI financial products out there. We aim to create an Integration Application for Fatfi product into other financial services out there in DEFIverse.

4. DAO

Fatfi will improve with several additions planned for implementation. New developments and respective budgets will be proposed via the Fatfi DAO. The community can decide on the development priority to fund and to be implemented in Fatfi. The DAO Reserve is planned to unlock by the 17th month.

5. Contracts Security

All contracts written have reasonable test coverages and subject to internal auditing. We will continue to do more testing, and we already apply to be audited by Certik. If any of you think there’s an issue with it, please let us know (preferably privately if it’s a severe issue) via Telegram.