FAT Token Metric

Fat is the governance token of Fatfi. FAT offers control over the Fatfi protocol governance, the FAT token community treasury, the protocol fee, and also receive incentives by participating in the platform.

Token Name


Token Standard


Token Type

Utility, Governance

Total Token Supply


Hard cap($)


Initial Circulating Supply


Initial Cap ($)


Private Sale Token Allocation

67% of Total Token Supply

Private Sale Token Price

1 FAT = $0,01

Private Sale Vesting

Initial unlock 25% vesting 25% every 3 months starting from the 3rd month

Public Distribution Allocation

4% of Total Token Supply

Public Distribution Price

1 FAT = $0,01

Public Distribution Vesting

Initial unlock 100%

Token Released at TGE

Circulating Supply

Initial Full Cap ($)




More information on our website: https://fatfi.io/